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The following videos were developed and produced in partnership with major equipment manufacturers and are designed for all hydraulic equipment applications. These programs are for dealer training, vocational/technical schools, secondary schools, community colleges and universities, and individual independent study.

These training videos and the companion study guide "Fundamentals of Hydraulics with Troubleshooting" are ideal tools for preparing technicians and students to succeed in technician certification in hydraulics.

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3 Videos + Study Guide
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Part 1

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Fundamentals of Hydraulics & Troubleshooting Part I
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This industry-wide training video illustrates the fundamentals of hydraulic components and integrates them into an operating system. 3-D animation is used to explain how circuits and components function. Industry-accepted practices for diagnostics and troubleshooting are taught on equipment representing major manufacturers. Time: 42 minutes.

DVD (6-114-100-DVD) - $95.00
Part 1

Part II Fundamentals of Hydraulics & Troubleshooting Part II
A perfect follow-up to Part I. This training video offers an advanced overview of the process professional technicians face when troubleshooting the most common service calls. This excellent training video, produced by the Kubota Tractor Corporation, covers four case studies representing the most common kinds of hydraulic service calls technicians frequently encounter on any hydraulically powered equipment. The video illustrates common mistakes technicians make, then explains what they should have done. The viewer is given the opportunity to diagnose each service problem before it is explained. These valuable lessons will return dividends to both the customers and the service shop. Time: 52 minutes.

DVD (6-114-200-DVD) $95.00
Part II

Part III Hydraulic Schematics Part III
"Hydraulic Symbols" was produced by JI Case to teach the technician/student how to read hydraulic schematics. "Hydraulic Symbols" shows hydraulic circuits illustrated in both line art/engineering drawings and cut-away view drawings. "Hydraulic Symbols" illustrates how symbols are used to represent hydraulic components in hydraulic schematic circuits. Technicians/students will easily see how hydraulic symbols used in circuit schematics greatly simplify the task of visualizing hydraulic circuits. Once visualized, more detailed circuit drawings become easier to understand. Time: 20 minutes.

DVD (6-114-201-DVD) - $95.00
Part III

Fundamentals of Hydraulics with Troubleshooting - Study Guide

A Must for Fluid Power Society's Mobile Hydraulics Certification

Fundamentals of Hydraulics with Troubleshooting - Manual (6-114-300) - $29.00

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Service School Training Programs

Hydrostatic Fundamentals - Part IV
Produced by JI Case for advanced hydraulics training in heavy-duty hydrostatic-drive transmissions used in the construction industry. Both design principles and troubleshooting are covered. The same basic principles are used by many manufacturers of hydrostatic transmissions. Time: 18 minutes.

DVD (JIC-203-DVD) - $95.00

Hydraulic Systems Maintenance - Part V
Hydrostatic & Hydraulic Oil Cleanliness

An essential video for all training programs. This lesson shows why the technician must be more than just careful. Certified hydraulic technicians must know all the "hows and whys" contamination enters a system and how to service it effectively to extend the service life of machinery. Produced by JI Case for advanced hydraulics training.
Time: 20 minutes.

DVD (JIC-202-DVD) $95.00

Save on the Hydraulics Series, Part I, II, III, IV & V
5 Videos + Study Guide

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