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Mechanics & Maintenance

Three Diesel Engine Failure Analysis Videos On One VHS Tape

Valve Train
Valve system failure analysis; its causes and effects resulting from maintenance, service procedures and engine operation. Produced by JI Case, this video is a good industry presentation that pertains to all manufacturers. - 10 minutes

Pistons & Rings
Piston and piston ring design and failure analysis. Causes and effects of piston and ring failures. Reusability of pistons. Produced by JI Case, this video is a good industry presentation that pertains to all manufacturers. - 13 minutes

Causes and effects of engine bearing failure from poor maintenance, installation or service. Produced by JI Case, this video is a good industry presentation that pertains to all manufacturers. - 15 minutes

Video (JIC-300-VHS) - $39.95

Diesel Engine Oil Flow
Excellent animations and graphics. Lubricating components and lubrication system design with systematic troubleshooting procedures. This information, from design to technical procedures, apply to most diesel manufacturers and models. A good industry-wide teaching presentation on lubrication system designs and troubleshooting. Produced by JI Case. -16 minutes

Video (JIC-208-VHS) - $24.95

  • Servicing The Single and Two-Speed Mechanical Transaxle

    These two videos are a must for students/technicians to study before repairing a mechanical transaxle. Produced by MTD, these training videos illustrate step by step the required sequence for disassembly, repair and reassembly of a mechanical transaxle. These videos address the transmission/final drive unit used on most consumer riding mowers. - 19 minutes and 17 minutes
    Videos (MTD-401 & MTD-402) - $39.95 each

    Hydro-Gear - Training Video BLN-50905 Operation of the Variable Displacement T ransmission T/S, Disassembly/Assembly of the IHT(0500-0800) T/S Disassembly/Assembly of the 210-3010L Transmissions (HYD -002) $49.95

    Technical Publications

    The following two technical color publications are of excellent quality that best represent the small engine industry. We selected these publications because they best teach the principles that are generic to all engines and not too specific for any make or model. They represent the industry standard.

    Kohler Technical Manual - (KOH-101) -$20.00

    Engine Failure Analysis Guidebook- ( full color) - Excellent for all 4-stroke engine manufacturers. Pre-disassembly: air filtration, oil, cooling, carburetor and governor. Disassembly: peripheral parts, cylinder head, oil sump, valves, piston and rings, connecting rods, bearings and more. 28 pages of color photos illustrating all the ways engines fail.

    Tecumseh Technical Manual
    (TEC-101) $20.00

    Failure Analysis - 4 Cycle Engines (full color) - An excellent book on engine component failures. It includes the evaluation process, air cleaner, carburetor, cooling system, engine oil, combustion chamber, governor gears, camshaft, counterbalance, crankshaft, connecting rod, pistons, rings, bores, no-oil start, low oil, wrong oil, overheating, gasket failure, over-speeding, dirt and grit and incorrect torquing.

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